We live in a marketing world where it is becoming increasingly challenging for brands to break through and inhabit consumers’ limited mental availability.

The bottom line is, good targeting and good creative is not going to cut it anymore given the advent of ad-skipping, ad-free platforms, coupled with our ever-decreasing attention spans. For a brand to be “thumb-stopping” and truly provide entertainment value for consumers, they need to adapt, take calculated risks, and run towards disruption. Here are a few ways brands can disrupt and become more future fit.

Move At The Speed Of Culture (And The Metaverse)

Many brands often fall into the trap of “paralysis by analysis.” While research and data are certainly important, you do not want it to prevent your brand from making decisions and taking action, particularly with unknown entities that have not been measured yet.

The Metaverse and Web3 are new environments and experiences in which brands are navigating how to effectively stand out and engage consumers. No one knows the right answers quite yet, but if you fail to try new things, your brand will inevitably be left behind. Virtual influencers such as Lil Miquela and celebrity avatars (i.e., J Balvin’s digital likeness), are an emerging market within the metaverse that brands have an opportunity to test and learn together, so they garner “first mover” learnings as the space experiences accelerated growth in the years to come.

Imagine if a brand unlocked the opportunity for consumers to shoot virtual hoops with an NBA star, talk shop with an NFL legend at a virtual Super Bowl party, or attend a virtual movie premiere with the avatars of the headlining actors. The playbook is in the process of being written for brands in the metaverse, and we believe working with digital influencers, creators, and celebrity avatars is a largely untapped space that is ripe for experimentation.

Student-Athletes Are Open for Business

We partnered H&R Block With College Basketball Star Zia Cooke for their A Fair Shot Campaign.

A new era in sports marketing began on July 1, 2021. For the first time in history, the NCAA allowed college athletes to profit from their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL).

In the last 15 months, NIL has quickly become a significant business whereby student-athletes have been compensated over $1 Billion from marketers to represent their products and services.

While many brands have dove in, there are countless other brands that have yet to work with student-athletes due to a lack of understanding of the space. Student-athletes can help your brand connect with a Gen Z audience, deliver rich, authentic storytelling to their consumers, and target key local markets. Burns Entertainment has worked with several clients in the NIL space and has quickly developed best practices, as it relates to working with student-athletes. They are an amazing group of influential young men and women who are eager to partner with brands.

It Does Not Count as An Impression Unless You Make One

Far too many marketers still believe they can effectively get consumers’ attention by simply running an ad about their product or service. NO brand is consumed like music, sports, or entertainment. At Burns Entertainment, we believe brands can only land their messaging and be memorable if they are also weaving themselves into culture.

There are a number of ways to achieve brand memorability in today’s landscape, but it requires thinking differently. For example, many sports leagues and teams are now able to incorporate brands into live broadcasts via official marketing partnerships and sponsorships. MLB, a league craving innovation from its partners to stay relevant among younger fans, has incorporated “Hey Google” stats into their live broadcast booth and Taco Bell’s “Steal A Base, Steal A Taco” promotion into the first stolen base of the World Series. During March Madness, Buffalo Wild Wings have made themselves synonymous with Overtime, as they have a presenting sponsorship of every OT session -because who does not want to stay at the bar longer to eat more wings and have another brew!

These are all ways of being PART of the action, as opposed to surrounding it. Ultimately, there are limitless avenues for brands to blaze their own path with new ways to reach consumers through technology and tapping into culture.

Standing still does not cut it anymore and we encourage all clients to run towards ways to disrupt the status quo.

Interested in partnering your brand with an Athlete or Celebrity?

We partnered Degree with Star College Athletes Ryan Hilinski & Lexi Ellis for their Breaking Limits campaign.


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