• Appeal to the millennial crowd/younger demographic with a “Make History” campaign starring actress Mila Kunis.

Talent Rationale:

  • World-famous actress who is known for projects such as Family Guy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Ted, Bad Moms and more.
  • Very well-known name (as well as social media popularity) that can get many people talking about a certain brand based on the spot.

Results (1st Week Air):

  • Over 120 million total media impressions on 81 media placements in U.S.
  • “Mila Kunis” #1 trending topic on Yahoo! and BING Social conversations generated over 40 million impressions.
  • Over 500 million total media impressions based on over 100 media placements.
  • Press release picked up by over 350 media outlets.

Project Details

  • Talent: Mila Kunis
  • Client: Jim Beam
  • Category: Advertising Campaign
Unilever – Vive Mejor
Influencer Program
Degree – Stephen Curry
360 Campaign