We harness the power of pop culture.

We expertly pair brands with celebrities, sponsorships, influencers and music licensing for maximum impact and measurable engagement.

We Are Burns Entertainment

Burns is a full-service entertainment marketing agency specializing in celebrity, sponsorship, influencer and music licensing partnerships for advertising, public relations, social media campaigns and more.

We have poured over five decades of industry learnings into our craft and the results speak for themselves. Combining our staff’s years of experience with the most up-to-date technology and analytics, our services are best-in-class for any celebrity, sponsorship, music or influencer marketing need.

We strategize and negotiate hundreds of partnerships every year on behalf of our clients which affords Burns access to exclusive information, incomparable insight and unrivaled negotiating power.

Our Global Network

Based in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City, with affiliate offices in the United Kingdom, Brazil, China, Singapore, Japan, Mexico and Turkey, Burns is one of the largest buyers of celebrity talent and licensable music in the world.

Brand and Agency Partners


Influencer Strategy | Multi-talent Amplification

Micro and Regional Influencer Programs and Events | Multicultural Marketing

Expert Panels and Speaking Engagements | Measurement and Analytics


Sponsorship Strategy | Partner Identification

Valuation/Negotiation | Partnership Management

Sponsorship Strategy
Partner Identification
Partnership Management