Our Experience


In 1970, David Burns saw that there was a glaring need for a company that focused on matching brands with the right celebrities. Thus he created Burns Entertainment  – the first company of its kind. Since then, we have worked with the world’s leading companies, matched the right talent to the brand’s needs, negotiated the contracts, and managed the process through to campaign completion

The BURNS KNOWLEDGE BANK encompasses over 47 years of knowledge of this industry, with all the nuances, insight, and experience that our teams have gathered that’s not searchable in any database. It allows us to match the right talent to the brand for the right price and make sure that the needs of all the various agencies working for the brand (advertising, public relations, promotions, etc.) are met.

Because our experience is unparalled, we save your team valuable time, money, and hassle.


The BURNS CELEBRITY VAULT™ is the only database of its kind, with over 47 years of confidential talent fee and lifestyle information. It contains information on over 20,000 celebrities, with over 700+ searchable lifestyle demographics paired with E-Scores to best match a brand’s specific needs to in order to exceed business objectives.