Our Approach


Our focus is to deliver the results you want.
Our goal is to exceed them.

We are relentlessly results-driven. We put our client’s needs first, not the talent’s needs. When negotiating contracts, we make sure to work closely with your teams to ensure you get all you need for your fully integrated campaign. We’ve worked closely with the best advertising, PR, digital, social, and promotions agencies in the business. We help make sure that all of their needs from the talent are also met so that there is no impediment to getting the results you want.

Our teams are led by the hands-on senior leadership of the agency who roll up their sleeves and stay involved throughout the process.

Burns is the shop that pioneered this industry. We remain independent so that the only people we answer to are our clients and ourselves.

Our clients are the brands and their marketing agencies, NOT the talent. We help shift the balance of power between big stars and big brands. Our service is unparalleled.