Tanya Silverstein


Senior Vice President of Entertainment Partnerships
Joined Burns: 2007

What I do at Burns:
I work with corporations and public relations agencies to negotiate celebrities, athletes and experts for their media programs. My background of working at PR firms allows me to put on a “PR Hat” and assist the team in evaluating the best and most strategic person for their program. I also work with Burns’ clients on all celebrity and influencer gifting and seeding opportunities. My role is to assist clients in creating a strategic footprint in the world of celebrity influencing.

BS Oakland University

Outside of Burns, I can be found:
Enjoying Chicago with my family. My sons and dog love to be outside!

What is it about celebrities, music, and pop culture that fascinates me?
I love that celebrities and pop-culture speak to every race, age, gender and global location. It is a great conversation starter no matter who you are talking to in the world.