Melissa Layton


Vice President of Brand & Talent Strategy

Joined Burns: 2017

What I do at Burns:
I am a member of our PR and endorsement divisions, specifically focused on leading our influencer marketing and brand strategy capabilities. I align closely with our brand, PR and creative partners to provide a strategic roadmap for effectively procuring and utilizing talent and influencers to drive targeted awareness and build brand reputation within key audience segments.

BS University of Central Missouri

Outside of Burns, I can be found:
Outside! Preferably with my husband and two dogs. Whether it be traveling to lands near and far, going for a hike, climbing a mountain or simply getting lost in the woods – so long as I’m exploring in the great outdoors, I’m a happy camper.

What is it about celebrities, music, and pop culture that fascinates me? 
In an ever-changing world of marketing and advertising, one thing that remains an effectively tried and true technique is pairing the right music or talent with a brand. When done right, this pairing can help a brand tell a much deeper story to a far bigger audience, and/or it can add a new dimension or emotion to what could otherwise be a flat campaign. I enjoy seeing how brands continue to evolve to creatively marry the right mix of talent, music, messaging and/or culturally relevant events to set themselves apart, build a loyal following and ultimately grow their business.