How many interns do you accept per semester?
4 to 6

Where is the Internship?
Less than 10 miles from CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (Evanston, IL, home of Northwestern Univ)

What are the hours?
Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm

What will the internship entail?
Interns receive hands-on training, instruction and experience in one or more of the following company divisions:

  • Advertising Division/Endorsements
  • Public Relations/Influencer Marketing and Gifting Division
  • Speaking Engagements/Social Media
  • Corporate Partnerships Division

When should I apply? Apply as soon as possible.
We receive a high volume of resumes and give preference to those who apply early. Phone & in-person interviews are conducted during the following time frames:

  • Fall Internships (August – December): Interviews are conducted between March/April
  • Winter/Spring Internships (January – May): Interviews are conducted in October/November
  • Summer Internships (May – August): Interviews are conducted in December/January

How do I apply?
Please send your resume and cover letter to Janell Santiago, indicating which semester you are applying for.

Janell Santiago, Office Manager Burns Entertainment & Sports Marketing, Inc.
820 Davis Street, Suite 222
Evanston, IL 60201

What else should I know?
Burns relies heavily on past interns for hiring account service positions and contract work.

What have past interns said about Burns ?

My internship at Burns Entertainment was an unbelievable experience. As an advertising student, we spent a lot of time in class learning about advertising from the creative perspective.  However, during my internship at Burns, I was able to see a different side of advertising and the process that goes into selecting talent for a campaign. This is not an internship where you are given busy work.  I was able to assist the advertising division with researching potential talent, writing celebrity biographies, and designing presentations that were used to pitch to future clients. The Burns team has been so welcoming and willing to go above and beyond to get to know us and our career interests. I would absolutely recommend this internship to anyone interested in pursuing a career in entertainment.

Danielle D, Spring 2016


From the start of this summer internship, I continuously gained knowledge in all aspects of the entertainment and sports industries. The ability to listen in on calls/meetings, create presentations, and witness the entire process of connecting world famous celebrities with industry leading brands, was something I never thought I would be able to do as an intern. Instead of sitting around doing nothing, I was always occupied and continued to learn more while doing so, which helped me gain as much experience as I could during this internship.

Griffin R, Summer 2016


I interned in the PR department and I came in with next to zero knowledge of what PR was or did or anything, and now I know so much more than I thought I would, not just about PR, but about business and relationships. The learning experience at this company is unreal, to go along with the staff. I enjoyed this internship because I didn’t feel out of place at any time. I was included in conversations, I was asked about myself and my opinions because everyone here cared what I had to say.

Tim C, Summer 2016