Alison Gayler


Vice President, Entertainment & Music
Joined Burns:

What I do at Burns:
I am a member of the endorsement and music licensing divisions, responsible for matching clients with celebrities and/or music for roles in TV, print, online, radio, in-store, POS, etc. I serve as a client partner, leveraging experience and industry savvy to negotiate and execute deals in the entertainment and music spaces across the advertising landscape.

Columbia College; Purdue University

Outside of Burns, I can be found:
Traveling, running, and spending time with friends and family!

What is it about celebrities, music, and pop culture that fascinates me?
So much of ourselves revolve around what we absorb from celebrities, music and pop culture whether we realize it or not. From our everyday styles to various interests, we often look at celebrities as a source of all-encompassing inspiration.  I think am most fascinated by the capacity in which we let these items into our lives.