Aimee Freisthler


Senior Account Executive
Joined Burns: 2011

What I do at Burns:
I am a member of the public relations division, where I am responsible for contracting and securing entertainment personalities, sporting professionals, celebrities and industry experts for diverse campaigns, endorsements, product launches, media events, and personal appearances. I also research and execute celebrity gifting strategy for Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company and its associated product lines (Orbit Gum, Eclipse Gum, Skittles, Starburst, etc.).

BA Saint Louis University

Outside of Burns, I can be found:
Sitting on patios drinking margaritas with friends and family, getting my butt kicked by my trainer, traveling to new cities to visit friends, exploring the great city of Chicago and making the most out of my 20’s.

What is it about celebrities, music, and pop culture that fascinates me?
How hard they work to get where they are and how down to earth and real some of them still are even after all of the fame they have gained.