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Our focus is on the results you want.

Our GOAL is to exceed them using celebrities and music.

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We are an entertainment marketing firm specializing in celebrity procurement and music licensing for integrated campaigns, at local and global levels. We work with brands and their advertising, public relations, promotions, and social media agencies to match them with the right talent to build power, share, and profits.


In 1970, David Burns saw that there was a glaring need for a company that focused on matching brands with the right celebrities.

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We negotiate hundreds of contracts every year on behalf of our clients. As one of the biggest buyers of talent from Hollywood, we can negotiate the best deals. We have cultivated great relationships with talent managers over our 47 years, and that translates to great information, insight, and negotiating power.

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We are relentlessly results-driven. We put our client’s needs first, not the talent’s needs. We work closely with your teams to ensure you get all you need for your fully integrated campaign.

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